Beyoncé’s Top Branding Tip: Perception = Reality

Let’s take a quick look at a public figure you most likely have heard of before: Beyoncé. She’s a bestselling, award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, among those listed in Time Magazine’s Most Influential People (2014), and more recently, the headliner at popular music festival, Coachella. But wait, there’s one item we’ve left off her resume here: Beyoncé (along with her bandmates from Destiny’s Child) are geniuses when it comes to defining a brand.

If you’re a millennial like me, you may remember a hit that girl group Destiny’s Child released in the late 90’s called “Say My Name.” The song went on to win two Grammy’s in 2001 for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or a Group with Vocals as well as Best R&B Song. However, even though the song won two golden gramophone (Grammy) awards, the real golden nugget is hidden in the lyrics. The chorus of the song begins with the girl group commanding someone to say their name and that they love them when no one is around.

*** Due to co…

20 Questions With Your Author

Hey, y’all! Remember me? I’m just now looking at the last time I posted on here… somehow, I blinked and over 1.5 years went by in the blogosphere. How did that happen?!

First off, I feel the need to thank everyone (friends, family, my wonderful sponsors, and even strangers) who read my blog and supported me during my triathlon racing years. Whether I’ve personally met you or not, your kind words and encouragement have meant the world to me!

Next, I’m excited to announce that I will be reincarnating my blog! As I was in the midst of my master's program in Internet Marketing (which I'm now done with woohoo!), I kept thinking that a lot of the information that I was learning was just too good not to share. So, this time around, my blog will be dedicated to sharing branding and marketing tips and tricks with you. I’ll also be using examples from my own life that I think you may be able to relate to. My hope is that you’ll be able to take these helpful hints and apply them to you…

The ABC's of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Triathlon

For the first time ever, both the women’s and men’s Olympic triathlon events will be broadcasted live. You can check out the action for the men on August 18th at 10a.m. ET on USA Network, while the women’s race will be contested on August 20th at 10a.m. ET on NBC. Both races can also be streamed live online at For those who know little about triathlon and/or only have experience in long distance racing (Ironman, 70.3), I created a list of tips and terms that I hope will help you better understand and enhance your Olympic triathlon viewing experience. :)

A – Aero bars. Unlike triathlons that are non-drafting, to ensure the safety of all the athletes, only clip-on aero bars are allowed on the road bikes during the Olympic triathlon. Clip-on aero bars must have a solid bridge and not exceed the foremost line of the brake levers. Because athletes are so limited in their extension on these types of aero bars, they are becoming less used in competition. Keep an eye on the …

Releasing the Balloon

Let’s play a quick word association game. I say balloon, you say whatever pops into your head first….okay, what was that word? If it was birthday party, graduation, helium, or hot air balloon, quickly nod your head wherever you are reading this. Now, if the word you thought of happened to be venoplasty, please get up and do a 5 second dance around wherever you are sitting. I’m pretty sure I didn’t embarrass any of you here. ☺ Next, nod your head if you’ve ever heard of a balloon venoplasty procedure. Why am I asking all these random questions you may wonder?

I haven’t updated my blog in awhile because I usually like to have a good mixture of good news with bad news if I can so I don’t come across as a “negative Nancy.” After consulting with various doctors the past 18 months over chronic blood clots and leg pain (and being rejected by many doctors who think a procedure is too risky), I’ve finally found a doctor who is willing to do a balloon venoplasty procedure on the popliteal/femo…

On Pins and Needles

In my 9 years as a pro triathlete, I’ve been relatively lucky when it comes to injuries. Of course there are always little niggles to look after, but only 2 foot injuries come to mind when I think of injuries I’ve had that required a boot, complete rest, and over 2 months off from racing. These types of injuries are what I’d refer to as “type A” injuries, and I treated them similar as someone using a GPS device to predict their time of arrival would. What I mean is that most people race the GPS device, trying to squeeze in an extra green light or do everything in their power that will allow them to arrive at their destination quicker than the predicted time, even if it’s only by a minute. I believe this same mentality applies when rehabbing from a type A injury. An athlete can perfectly follow the plan prescribed from their doctors and physical therapists, in hopes of getting stronger than before and facilitating a quicker return to racing than originally promised by the doctors.


Stopping to Smell the Roses

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to stick to our daily/weekly routines and not check out the sites and activities that are right at our fingertips and in our backyards when we live in a certain location? In Los Angeles, there is no shortage of fun things to do no matter what your interest may be. However, prior to the beginning of this year, most of what I’d seen included stretches of PCH and canyons to bike up and down (very beautiful, I might add!), beaches that I’d practiced open water swimming in, and trails that I frequented for my runs.Ahh, the triathlete lifestyle.... Now that I’ve had some forced downtime due to injuries (blog post coming on those soon), I’ve also had a little time to explore more of my non-triathlon related surroundings.

In late March, I had the opportunity to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival at Descanso Gardens, a turnaround point for one of my favorite bike routes in Pasadena but somewhere I’d never actually stopped in. I’d always heard of the gorgeo…

Crystal Pepsi & Redefining our Comfort Zones

It was the first day of the fall semester at FSU. Just another first day like any other I’d experienced in my past 17+ years of school (yes, Preschool and Kindergarten count here), or so I thought. When most people enter a classroom or any type of room for that matter, they do what best allows them to stay in their comfort zone: look for people they are friends with, people they’ve had classes with before, or look for people who are dressed similar to them. Since I always came to class straight from my morning run and weights practice, I tried to look for the other people (athletes) who were…what’s that word?....oh yeah… sweaty, just like me.:)If all else failed and there were no athletes to sit next to, I’d always try to sit next to whoever looked the friendliest. But anyways, back to my story.

On that first day of my English class after we’d chosen our seat and settled in, our professor mentioned that we'd be completing an exercise to help us get a little bit out of our comfort …