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Pics from Mexico Rounds 1 & 2

The reason my ITU Continental Cup race in Ixtapa was turned into a duathlon (3k run/40k bike/10k run) this past weekend...MONSTER waves!

The past couple of weeks, I've been dealing with an unwelcome visitor in my training - foot problems stemming from plantar fascitis. Unfortunately, I was forced to pull out of last weekend's race because of heel pain. This is an annoying road block in an otherwise smooth season (health-wise) but rest assured I am all over rehabbing my foot back to 100% even as I type...

Here's a pic of the AP (Amanda Pack) coming out of the water after completing the 1.5K swim in Monterrey, Mexico at last month's World Cup.

Bike dismount!

Breathtaking art and architecture surrounded the town of Monterrey, Mexico, especially the race venue of Fundidora Park.

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