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Thanksgiving Round 6

When you stop and think about it, most of our holidays revolve around the same theme: giving thanks for something or someone in our lives. Christmastime is definitely no exception to this rule. Whether or not you’re affiliated with a religion that celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah, chances are you still give thanks during this time of year and partake in some kind of celebration and/or holiday traditions. So, in reality, Thanksgiving is really “Thanksgiving Round 4 or 5” if you count the holidays in the year preceding Thanksgiving in which we give thanks…which technically makes Christmas “Thanksgiving Round 6.”

This time of year and always, I have a lot to be thankful for. I could blog on and on forever about why triathlon is a team support and how an athlete would not progress without the help from its sponsors, friends, family, etc. But for now I’ll just say thank you (you know who you are!!)

Thanksgiving Round 6 is my favorite time of year for many reasons. I can’t pinpoint exactly …

Denver ½ Marathon Recap… 09's Officially a Wrap!

All smiles doing what I love!

Chicago Triathlon 1995

My sister Heidi and I before Mrs. T's Chicago Triathlon, 1995

This past weekend, I competed in my final race of the season, the Denver ½ Marathon. Although the race was at altitude, I figured it would be a good way to gauge my progress from last year, when I competed in a ½ at around the same time of year.

A 7AM race start meant a 4AM alarm, something I hadn’t experienced in quite awhile with all the late ITU race starts this year. Luckily (or unluckily), I’m always somewhat of an insomniac during taper weeks and would’ve been up and ready to go at 2AM if need be. Since this was the most populated road race I’ve ever competed in (close to 10,000 competitors in the half marathon, marathon, and marathon relay), I wanted to make sure I got to the course with plenty of time to warm up, change shoes, and secure a good spot on the starting line. Mission accomplished!

The race…

Pics from Australia

Whale watching in the seas surrounding the Gold Coast

A gorgeous Australian sunset from my hotel balcony


Gold Coast Recap

Apologies everyone…I know I said I would post regular updates on my trip to Australia but time flies when you are race prepping and I rarely used the L.A.N. down under…

ITU Under 23 World Championships

Pre-race: I think I was prepped as well as possible going into this race. I'd been doing workouts specific to this race for months and made sure to get an adequate amount of rest leading up to the race. In addition,the USA coaching staff made sure our team knew the ins and outs of the course, who our main competitors were, and what to expect from the race in general. Also, we were fortunate enough to have an amazing team of massage therapists, chiropractors, and a bike mechanic to make sure that both our bikes and bodies were ready to go on race day. I raced on Friday, the 11th at 10 in the morning. *Random fact: I have now raced on every day of the week except Thursday. It was a gorgeous day for a race and had it not been for the accents and the traffic driving on the other side of …

Follow, Follow, Follow!

The day is finally here... in just a couple of hours I will be headed to the land down under for the U23 World Championships! My race is on Friday morning the 11th (Thursday back in the US) at 10am, so that means... Australia = 14 hours ahead of eastern time, 15 for central, 16 for mountain and 17 for pacific. Most of you will probably be sleeping while I'm racing but for those of you who want to track me there will be live timing splits available at, as well as live video at the finish line. Also, you can follow me on twitter @TriMandaPanda7 and I will try my best to post an update or two. :) Have a g'day!

USAT Elite Nationals Recap

My coach, Barb Lindquist, informing me I would need to swim for my life to fight the current pre-race

Swim start practice off the pontoon

This past weekend I competed in the Elite National Championship in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Why Alabama of all places?!” many have asked. Well, for one, this was the site of the 2008 US Olympic Trials, boasting a course similar to the one in Beijing. Although the course was slightly changed from last year due to construction, it still served up enough challenges for one race…

Swim – As I dove from the pontoon into the warm waters of the Black Warrior River, I realized pretty quickly that I would need to push the pace of my swim turnover for as long as I could to stay on feet and have a shot of being in a bike pack once I exited the swim. For a little over ½ a mile I swam towards the first buoy, trying to stay in the draft of as many feet as possible and maintain contact with a pack ahead of me. As soon as I made the left hand turn around the buoy, I was …

An Early Birthday Present!

I am excited to announce that as of Wednesday I have met all the qualifying standards (race results from Pan Am Champs, Austin race, fitness tests, etc.) and will be adding another competition to my race schedule… I will be representing the US at the Under 23 World Championships in Gold Coast, Australia in early September! Thanks to all of you who have supported me up to this point and to God for giving me the strength and motivation to get out the door this winter and hop on the treadmill/ trainer in my garage when the all the Florida girl (me!) wanted to do was sit inside by the heater and sip hot cocoa. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all!

At the beginning of this week I drove down to the Olympic Training Center to complete a couple of fitness tests (swim and bike to run) to make sure that a) I hadn’t been slacking off since the qualifying races in May and b) that I had maintained a level of fitness that would allow me to contend for a top-10 spot at the World Championshi…

Catching Up...

Hello all! I hadn't realized how long it had been since I updated this until a couple days ago and I figured I should post something to keep my loyal reader(s?) happy. :) So, here's what I've been up to the past month.

- I raced about a month ago in Canada, a race that I now refer to as the "Canada-saster"... I thought I was just having a really really bad off day and that my legs were really tired until I realized after the race that my brake pads were rubbing against my back wheel... not sure if my bike was knocked in the transition area or what but I do know that having wheels that actually spin makes a huge difference...

- I traveled down to Florida to attend the wedding of a good friend from college (Kara Newell)- one of my 10k/cross country friends. It was basically an FSU XC and Track reunion and it was great to catch up with everyone and get in a little sea level training. Speaking of training in Tallahassee, FSU just opened up this amazing 50 meter outdo…

Parlez-vous français?

Bonjour everyone! Just wanted to check in for a quick update. Tomorrow I leave for an ITU draft-legal race in Coteau-du-Lac, Canada (near Montreal). I'm guessing I will be headed to French Canada... the website for the race is mostly in French, the people at the motel I'm staying at speak French... I think I need to learn some French!

This is a big weekend for triathlon in North America as the third leg of the Dextro Energy Triathlon World Championship will be held on Sunday in Washington D.C. If there's nothing good on tv, you're bored, or you're interested in seeing what ITU-style racing (most of my races) is all about, you should tune in for the live internet broadcast of this race which can be found at:

Speaking of Sunday, since I'll be traveling most of the day and probably won't make it to a computer in time, I'd like to wish an early Happy Father's Day to two of my biggest supporters - my dad and grandpa. I love you guys…

Cap Tex Tri - Austin ITU Continental Cup Race Report

Mellow Johnny's -Lance Armstrong's bike shop in Austin!

This past Monday (Memorial Day) I competed in the Cap Tex Tri in Austin, Texas (which I’m going to coin as the “Boulder of the south” – so many active people there). I’ve never raced on a Monday before and I usually don’t train that much on Monday either because it’s always my recovery day, so I was very interested to see how this race would go…

Swim: We started the race with a deep water swim start, not one that I get to do too often. Basically what happens is that you get to pick a spot in the water based on your starting number, a rope is held in front of you as you tread water and you duck under it and take off when the horn sounds. For the first part of the swim I just hammered to try to get into a group. This worked well and for the first half of the swim as I had a draft to swim into. Eventually, I wasn’t able to hold the pace of the girls in front of me, but I still managed a low 19 swim, a huge improvement for me…

OK in OK - The Oklahoma "Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains" Race Report

Heading out on the bike

Last lap of the run - notice all the dirt on my face from the river! Yuck!

Pre-race: It was a 1pm start for the pro women so I was able to sleep in until 9am the day of the race. Those of you who have ever seen me before 9am know that later in the day race starts are definitely a good thing for me!

Swim: We had a pontoon dive start into the crystal clear waters *sarcasm* of the Oklahoma River. I was able to get off to a pretty good start and after jockeying around for position for the first 75 meters or so was able to find some open space to swim in before I rounded the first buoy. As the swim progressed, I pretty much ended up in no man’s land with a group directly in front of me and a group a little bit behind me. I entered the first transition out of the swim with the closest women 22 seconds in front of me and a minute and a half behind me.

Bike: Seeing that I was completely by myself and knowing that a large group was behind me, I decided not to push the pac…

St. Anthony's

Swim – The water was so choppy that the pros were the only division of athletes allowed to complete the swim portion of the race. For everyone else, the race was turned into a time-trial start duathlon (bike/run only). I got off to a great start in the swim and was working well with a handful of ladies about halfway through when I turned to breathe and ended up basically drinking a wave. I tried to continue swimming but was choking so I had to stop, tread water, and clear my airways before I could continue on with the remainder of the swim. I’m not sure exactly how much time I lost when I stopped, but my swim ended up being about 3 minutes slower than usual. Yikes!

Bike – For the first part of the bike I felt drained (most likely from all the coughing) and struggled to find my racing legs. However, at about mile 15 I suddenly caught a second wind and was able to increase both my cadence and speed for the remaining 10 miles or so and do some damage control on my bike split.

Run – For t…

Countdown to Florida!

This is what I'm seeing right now...I have a feeling the scenery will be a bit different when I hop off the plane in Florida in a couple of days. The start to my 2009 racing season can't come soon enough!

The Ace of Base

If you read my last post, most of you probably realize that I definitely jinxed myself by commenting on the weather. 15 inches of snow and a week full of treadmill runs/trainer rides later, I am happy to report that I am still alive and well. Although at first I was not a happy camper, I always try to look for the positive in everything and here's what I came up with. Snow means: a free car wash, pretty scenery, an opportunity for me to make snow angels after my long run in the snow plowed roads, and a chance to get in an extra strength workout while scraping snow off my car and shoveling a path out my doorway. Yea!

This past week marked the end of my 3 month long base training phase (hence the title of this post) which means that the high-intensity workouts will slowly start to creep into my training and increase throughout the season. In a month from now, I will be in Florida recovering from my first race of the year - time is flying!

Until then,

March Madness: The Final Four!

Wendy, Angelina, Max the dog, and I after a long run

Wendy and I at Garden of the Gods

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post... I’m not going to waste your time by telling you how poorly my basketball bracket is doing right now or lament over the fact that the team I picked to win it all barely escaped in the first round of the tourney. Rather, I intend to give you an update on recent happenings in the life of Amanda Hahn.

1) Following an off-season from racing that has spanned approximately half a year, I will finally toe the starting line next month for my first race of the season: St. Anthony’s! St. Anthony’s is an Olympic distance race (non-drafting) that takes place in St. Pete, Florida at the end of April. Besides a sprint triathlon that takes place each year in Gainesville, this is about as close as it gets to me having a “hometown race.” I have competed in St. Anthony’s 5 times to date (it was my 1st pro race) and the atmosphere, fast course, and great competition make it …

Thank You!

I'd like to send a big THANK YOU out to Newton Running for supplying me with my racing shoes for the year! These shoes are absolutely amazing and are designed to promote a forefoot strike (as opposed to heel strike)when running. Just by wearing the shoes, I have seen a significant change in my running form. Also, I am happy to say that I've been able to get rid of my chronic knee pain since switching to these shoes!

This is my 3rd week back in Colorado and I must say it's been an adventure...everyday I wake up wondering whether it will be 65 and sunny or 20 and snowing. I am beginning to select my races for the 2009 season, so stay tuned for more details!


A very important part of both racing and training for any distance of triathlon is proper nutrition. That is why if an athlete doesn't take in enough calories while exercising, they will most likely either "bonk" or have a tough time recovering from the effort. That being said, I am excited to announce GU as my "nutrition" sponsor for 2009. GU offers energy gels and a high performance sports drink (GU2 0). As a competitive swimmer in the earlier stages of my life, I fell in love with the chocolate outrage flavor of GU. GU provides a quick energy boost without the cramping that comes with some other energy gels/bars. In addition to the GU energy gel that so many have become familiar with, GU also recently created a new product called Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel which helps mitigate lactic acid buildup in the body. Both the original GU and the Roctane are great tasting and most importantly, keep me fueled and feeling peppy for my training sessions and race…

Rudy Project

I'm pleased to announce Rudy Project as one of my sponsors for 2009! Rudy Project is absolutely tops when it comes to sunglasses and helmets. I've worn their sunglasses for quite awhile now and am absolutely in love with how comfortable they are. At times I even forget I'm wearing them (no joke!). The glasses include side panels which are useful in blocking wind, water, and any other debris that may come flying at me while I'm exercising. Their helmets are also designed to be comfortable and aerodynamically sound. If you would like to experience the Rudy Project difference, click here!

Back to Boulder

Yesterday marked the end to my time training at my parents' house in Florida as I returned to my home in Boulder, Colorado. One of the main reasons I stayed in Florida for most of January was to take advantage of the warmer weather and escape the harsh winter of Colorado. So, you can guess how excited I was when our captain relayed that it was 60 degrees as the plane pulled into the runway of Denver International. :) I'm biking outside this complaints here!

But before I can even think about training, I've got a bike to put together and suitcases to unpack...

Twas the Week

Twas the week after New Years and throughout the US,
You could find stressed faces; the economy was a mess.
The holidays were over and much to my dismay,
All the Christmas lights had been taken down and packed away.

The stock market continued its woes,
And kept many businesses on their toes.

But over in Gainesville the town was aglow,
Because of a man who promised change and delivered; not Obama, Tebow!
The chants of the Gator faithful could be heard everywhere,
From Archer Road to the Downtown Square.

I can’t wait to see what ’09 has in store for me!
Maybe a tropical vacation, a check from Hy-Vee?

But for now I’ll go train in the Florida sun,
First a swim, then a bike ride, then maybe a run.
So Happy New Year to all, hope ’09 is bright!
But now I must go, so I bid thee good night!