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Memphis in May Tri

After racing St. Anthony’s and a couple of weeks of downtime to recover and get in another good training block, I raced the Memphis in May Triathlon which is actually now being held in Tunica, Mississippi. So, it’s Memphis…in May…in Mississippi!

What makes MIM different from other races is that instead of a mass start on the swim it is a time trial start. This means that after every 10 seconds a horn would sound and another athlete would run down the ramp into the water individually. This year’s race had the pros start out in alphabetical order by last name and alternating gender. So, the closest girl was 20 seconds ahead of or behind me. Since there were 2 other 5150 series races being held on the same weekend, it was a considerably smaller field than St. Anthony’s.

After the horn sounded and I dove in the water, it was actually nice to not have to deal with kicking and fighting for position in the water. I was able to find my own rhythm and swim in “clean water,” something that is…

Early Season Update

After a long break from blogging, I’m back at it again... I know you are all shocked ;) Since my last blog post, I’ve completed 4 races: 2 drafting and 2 non-drafting which are part of the 5150 series. After almost a 3 year break from the non-drafting scene, I decided to go “give it a go” once more this year, this time on a time trial bike instead of a road bike (which definitely helps a ton!). Thanks so much to my main sponsor Sklar Exploration and to Colorado Multisport for helping me get setup on Mr. Shiver Me Timbers (my Specialized Shiv time trial bike) and also my road bike as well. Prior to this year I’d never had an in-depth bike fit and I can’t recommend them enough to make you go faster and make your body happier while riding! In other exciting news, I am now an engaged woman! On one of the last days of my winter training in California, my boyfriend surprised me by taking me over to Malibu where I thought we’d just be going to dinner. Instead, we ended up taking a walk on t…