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Where the Buffalo Roams...ITU Elite Nat'ls

For this year’s nationals (just as I did last year), I traveled from the home of the buffaloes (CU Boulder) to the actual location of Buffalo. This year, I had just three simple goals in mind: eat buffalo wings, get a picture with a buffalo in Buffalo, and not be involved in a pile up crash (like last year where I got back up and finished slowly). SPOILER’S ALERT: Mission accomplished!

Going into this race, I was nursing a foot injury I picked up a week after my Kelowna race and 2 weeks out from nationals. So, my goals slightly changed leading up to the race. Now, after taking 2 weeks off of running leading up to the race, I was just praying that I’d be able to make it through and not end my season on a DNF.

The swim start took place on a wobbly boat dock complete with hooks for boats to be tied to. After all the rocking last year though, I’m happy to say I was prepared for this year and had a decent start. I was wearing #7(my lucky number) and therefore, was able to pick a decent …

A “Low” in Kelowna

After a 5-year hiatus, I was back in Kelowna, Canada for another crack at this ITU race with a monstrous hill. Back in 2007, my first year as a pro triathlete, I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t know how to ride a bike too well and relied mostly on my swimming and running skills to get me through. However, after training at altitude in the mountains of Colorado, I felt more confident in my biker chick abilities and was ready to race for the podium!

Sadly, my bike had other ideas… apparently the electronic shifting must’ve been a little bit off and every time I tried to shift from my small to big ring after climbing the aforementioned monstrous hill, the chain would slip off and I’d have to put it back on. I continued on each time, picking up a new group of people to ride with almost every lap until the final lap when instead of just slipping off, my chain jammed underneath the frame and I was unable to continue.

The positive things I had to take away from the race were this: 1)…