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Inside the Box

Whew! I guess it's been awhile since I updated this thing... so much has been going on I don't even know where to begin...

A few weeks ago I finished up my first semester volunteering with Boulder County Headstart. I'm so thankful for the group of kids I was given to work with and also the support of the Athletes for Hope and look forward to working with this organization more in the future. In addition, I had the opportunity to help out the running after school program at Columbine Elementary School. The overall purpose of the program was to get the kids outside exercising with a more specific goal of getting them ready so that they could complete the Bolder Boulder 10k which happens annually in Boulder on Memorial Day. I foresee some future Usain Bolts in this group... =)

In addition to racing after speedy kids, I've also been racing some myself. In my last post, I mentioned that I was racing in the Monterrey World Cup, a race that ended up being a disaster for me. T…

Monterrey World Cup

Hello readers! I am in Monterrey, Mexico getting ready to race my first World Cup of the year. My race goes off on 5/8 (Happy Mother's Day Mom!) at around 8:30am Central Time and you can get live splits at if you are bored on Sunday or want to keep tabs on me :) All for now...

Adventures of a Blonde in Chile Part 2: The Climb

For the second part of my Chilean adventure, I spent a week falling in love with the city of Valparaiso, the site of my second race. It only took me a day or so in the city to figure out something pretty awesome: as far as loving/enjoying their lives go, these people really get it. As I walked through the city each day, I loved to just stop and “people watch” for awhile. It wasn’t hard to spot a hello kiss on the cheek, a couple embracing, or a group of people laughing while eating their lunch at a local cafĂ©. The city had a certain energy about it which I feel rubbed off on me the longer I was in it. Once some of the locals realized that the girl with “pelo rubia”(blonde hair) could actually speak Spanish, I had some great conversations with a couple of people on how the simple things such as a great relationship with family, friends, and appreciation of nature were all you needed to really get the most out of life.

Another thing I noticed pretty quickly after arriving in Valparaiso …

The Stairs

The day before my second race in Chile, I had the opportunity to take a walk further up Hector Calvo Joffre (the street I was living on for the week) and check out the house of Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet and diplomat. In 1971, Neruda won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature and is considered by some to be the Hemingway of Chile. Being a Spanish minor in college, I studied Neruda’s works a great deal and was excited to learn more about his life and influences for his works. In college, I was programmed to churn out essays/poems/papers on a daily basis and since graduation, have rarely had a chance to write. However, something about the setting of Neruda's museum inspired me to write. So, I went to a nearby coffee shop and wrote this poem, my first in quite awhile… I’m no Shakespeare, but I hope you enjoy!

The Stairs by Amanda Hahn

Walking up the stairs of life,
Sometimes tension so thick you could cut through it with a knife.
The first few steps take gracefully,
Sit back, observe t…

Adventures of a Blonde in Chile Part 1

My journey to Chile began on March 17th and couldn’t have started out on a more sour note. When checking in for my flight at the Tallahassee airport with all my luggage from a month away from home in Colorado in tow, the Delta agent informed me that my bike box was oversize, overweight, and since I had my wheels as a 3rd bag that would bring my grand total to $550! “WHAT?!” I exclaimed. It would’ve almost been cheaper to buy my bike a seat next to me so then at least I could’ve make sure my baby stayed safe while we traveled. Anyways, I digress… on top of the bike fee, my flight out of the Tallahassee airport was delayed by almost 2 hours because of a mechanical problem, meaning that my flight would be arriving in Atlanta at the same exact time that I was supposed to be boarding my other flight to Santiago. Once my flight did arrive in Atlanta, you better believe I set the world record for fastest mile with carryon backpacks inside an airport and made it from one end of the Atlanta ai…


Greetings from Chile where I've just arrived at my second racing destination of Valparaiso. Quick update - I was 8th in my first race (including a penalty booo). I will write a longer race report later but for now, click here to read an interview I did with Tri Chile concerning the two races in Chile. Adios amigos!

Clermont Draft Legal Challenge Race Report

Usually the airport is a mixed bag of emotions...there's the joyous reunions at baggage claim/passenger pickup and the frowns when news of flight delays/cancellations are relayed through the speakers. However, there are a couple gates in every airport terminal where you can count on seeing more smiles than frowns. I'm not sure whether it's Mickey Mouse, Shamu, or the warm (usually) weather that makes Orlando the happiest destination on earth, but there is definitely a special magic about it. This past weekend, I was among the smiling faces who hopped on the plane to Orlando as nearby Clermont served as the host for the USAT Sprint National Championships. Like last year, the Clermont sprint race served as my season opener.Although this was the exact same course as 2010, it was a completely different race in regards to the way each discipline panned out.

The Elite women had an 11:45am start and unlike last year, we were not dealing with freezing temperatures for both water a…

Just Showin' Some Love!

On a day when everyone is scrambling to buy chocolates and jumbo sized teddy bears to announce their feelings of affection towards loved ones, I thought I would take out the time to show some love for the people/organizations in my life and give you all a little life update.

As I begin to get revved up for the upcoming racing season, I am pleased to announce that I will continue my partnership with Sampson Sports through 2011. This is hands-down the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced and with its seamless shifting and almost on-contact braking capabilities, I feel secure in the stop and go situations that define ITU racing. So, check them out here and look for me at the races zooming by on my pretty blue bike!

In addition, I am excited to announce that I will be a member of the Tri4Him Elite Team this year. Tri4Him is a community composed of athletes ranging from Elites to Age Groupers who may be competing in their very first triathlon this year. For more information on the Tri4Him …

Coming to a venue near you!

2011 Tentative Race Schedule

March 5 - Clermont, Florida Draft Legal Challenge
March 20 - Santiago, Chile Continental Cup
March 27 - Valparaiso, Chile Continental Cup
April 9 - Chiapas, Mexico Continental Cup
May 8 - Moneterrey, Mexico World Cup
May 22 - Miami, FL Continental Cup
June 25 - Seattle, WA Continental Cup
July 3 - Edmonton, Canada World Cup
July 9 - San Francisco, CA Continental Cup
August 14 - Tizzy, Hungary World Cup
August 20/21 - Kelowna, Canada Continental Cup or World Sprint Championships (Switzerland)
September 24 - Buffalo, NY Continental Cup (Elite Nationals)
October 8 - Myrtle Beach, SC Continental Cup

That's all for now, folks! See you at the races :)

Tis the Season!

To rediscover reason – During this time of year, most people take some time out of their busy schedules to do a self-evaluation and make goals that they will try to keep…for at least a couple of weeks next year. Surprise, surprise, I am included in this “most people” category as well. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have much thinking to do to come up with a resolution this year because I already went through the self-evaluation process when I was injured earlier this year. Why am I doing triathlon? Is this what I’ve been called to do? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things if I compete in a race? Do I still love it as much as I used to? Should I be living in Colorado? Should I be in grad school right now? And so on and so forth… Some answers came quicker than others but once I’d figured them all out I felt much stronger as a person. So, this year I encourage you to have the courage to look at your life and have faith that you are strong enough to make the changes…