An Early Birthday Present!

I am excited to announce that as of Wednesday I have met all the qualifying standards (race results from Pan Am Champs, Austin race, fitness tests, etc.) and will be adding another competition to my race schedule… I will be representing the US at the Under 23 World Championships in Gold Coast, Australia in early September! Thanks to all of you who have supported me up to this point and to God for giving me the strength and motivation to get out the door this winter and hop on the treadmill/ trainer in my garage when the all the Florida girl (me!) wanted to do was sit inside by the heater and sip hot cocoa. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all!

At the beginning of this week I drove down to the Olympic Training Center to complete a couple of fitness tests (swim and bike to run) to make sure that a) I hadn’t been slacking off since the qualifying races in May and b) that I had maintained a level of fitness that would allow me to contend for a top-10 spot at the World Championships.

I had a lot of down time in Colorado Springs and was able to see the new Harry Potter movie in IMAX! I’m a huge HP fan and thought that although the movie made good use of cinematography and acting, the book was way better and HP and the Goblet of Fire is still the best movie in the series.

One final early birthday gift – When I was out biking last Sunday I got completely soaked (something that is becoming somewhat routine) and was obviously a little annoyed. However, on the drive home I saw the most gorgeous sight ever – a triple rainbow!! I had no idea they even existed but was awestruck for the rest of the day and suddenly didn’t care that I was soaked or would have to clean some serious dirt off my bike when I got home. The saying goes that the best things in life are free and I couldn’t agree more… I don’t need/want anything more for my 21 +? birthday in a couple of days!!

Don’t Stop Believin! :)


Great news, Amanda! Congratulations on getting into Worlds.

I will be at Tuscaloosa and hope I get the chance to say hello to you.


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