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Power Bar Team Elite

I am pleased to announce that after about 14 or so years of supporting Power Bar, they are returning the favor. For the next two years (2010-2011), I will be a member of Power Bar's Team Elite. This is a team composed of athletes from various sports, all who are Power Bar enthusiasts like me. My personal favorite Power Bar has always been chocolate but oatmeal raisin is growing on me too. :) Not only do they make great bars but also gels, beverage mixes and other nutritional products. This is a company I use in my everyday life and I am excited to spread the word of Power Bar goodness to the world!

USAT Elite Development Race #1 Recap

Last Sunday, I competed in my first race of the season at Clermont’s Lake Louisa State Park. The race was draft-legal format, similar to many of the ITU races I do, however, did not count towards any kind of ranking.

Although the elite women’s race didn’t start until 1pm, the park entrance closed at 10am due to the earlier start of the age group race. So, once I was inside the park, I had about 3 hours of downtime on my hands to read, relax, and cheer for the age groupers and elite men who raced before me.

A little past 1, the race began as we (the elite women) ran into the chilly, wetsuit-legal water of Lake Louisa. After stumbling a bit on the start, I was able to gain some ground back while dolphin diving towards the first buoy. After a fast and furious first couple of minutes which I’ve come to expect in this style of racing, I was able to settle into a pace and into the draft of a couple of girls ahead of me. I exited the water in 9th place and was thankful for a nice long run up …

Race Time!

Only four days to go before my first race of the season. The race will be a sprint race (about 1/2 of the distance of most of my races) and will take place at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL. For more information about the race, click here