2010 Sponsors

I am excited to announce the new team of amazing companies that I will be working with in 2010 and beyond in addition to my sponsors from 2009!

Sampson – If you are looking for a quality bicycle or components, you should look no further than Sampson Sports. They offer some of the lightest and therefore, fastest bikes out there and I look forward to revealing to you my Sampson racing bike for 2010!

CycleOps – This year, with the help of CycleOps technology, I look forward to training and racing with power metrics. While heart rate can tell how your body is responding to a given workout, it is also important to know your workload (which is measured in watts) or how much torque is being put on the pedal. I look forward to documenting my workouts and races with this technology and sharing some insight as to why power is very important for improving speed and efficiency on the bike.

Kiwami – In 2010, I will be sporting a Kiwami racing suit. The Amphibian is designed to be both breathable on land (while I’m biking and running) and water repellent (while I’m swimming)… the perfect combo!


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