USAT Hall of Fame Banquet

Barb and I at the HOF banquet

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the USA Triathlon 2010 Hall of Fame banquet in Colorado Springs, Colorado (just a short 2 hour drive from Boulder). What an amazing event and electric atmosphere! The room was packed with people who (just like me) are ablaze with passion for the sport of triathlon. Although the main reason I went was to support and celebrate the accomplishments of my coach, Barb Lindquist (one of the five inductees into the hall along with Paula Newby-Fraser, Valerie Silk, Carl Thomas and Jim Curl), I also came away from the event with a deeper understanding of triathlon’s roots. That is, where the sport came from and the “founding fathers” involved in creating the sport and molding the standardized distances in today’s racing. I am truly grateful to the race director inductees for the impact they have made on the sport, because without them I may have been doing a 3 hour race instead of 2! In addition, the successes of both Paula Newby-Fraser and Barb Lindquist have really helped to put triathlon on the map and often times in the center of national media attention.

In other news, I am writing this post from Clermont, Florida – the location of my home/training camp this month. With lots of nice soft surfaces nearby, the National Training Center, and easy access to traffic-less roads, it serves as the perfect sea level training location while the snow continues to fall in Boulder, CO and I am excited to have a great group to train with! Only 2 weeks to go before I do a draft legal sprint race to tune up for my non-drafting race the following weekend in Miami. Time is flying by…

Hope everyone is healthy and happy!


Angi Axmann said…
Amanda, I have a question. I am doing the Miami race as well and I was wondering if you would know anyone who could possibly give me a hoemstay. The race director is working on it already but I was thinking that you might know one close to you so we could hook up to go to the race together and maybe get some training in before. Let me know. It would be great if something works out. That race should be fun. Hope there are no sharks :-) It will be great to see you again. Email me:
I am stuck in snow country:-( Lucky you for getting out of it!!!
Anonymous said…
What a awesome coach you have! Both of you are very photogenic.

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