I'm Still Here!

Hey y'all! Happy New Year! I'm sure a lot of you wondered if I was ever going to update this every again, huh? Well, I must admit that 2011 was a year that chewed me up and spit me out. Between misfortune such as crashes, flat tires, and stolen equipment (which resulted in a DQ) in my races and dealing with pneumonia for almost 3 months, I am looking forward to a happier and healthier 2012 for sure! Through the trials and tribulations, I learned one very important thing: the whole reason I'm in this sport is to live out God's plan for my life and spread His word.

One particular experience that sticks out in my head from this season was when I was on my return flight home from sprint worlds in Switzerland, the race where my shoes were missing when I returned to T2 :( Admittedly distraught, I spent most of the flight lamenting the race when it occurred to me that the lady next to me looked visibly upset. After several hours of frowning and sighs, I finally got the courage up to ask if she was ok. She revealed to me that her dad back in the US had had a stroke and she wasn't sure if she'd make it there in time to see him alive. Way to put things in perspective...and I thought I was having a rough weekend!! I asked her about happy memories she'd experienced with her dad and after recounting story after story and praying for her dad's safe journey "home," by the end of the flight she was smiling, thinking about what a blessing it was that she'd been given such a great dad. Stories like this happen to me now and again, and remind me that although sport is great, there's so much more to life.

Anyways, I am thankful to be healthy enough to do what I do and for the people that support me - you truly are the wind beneath my sails. I am excited to embark on this new year and test the waters of both non-drafting and draft-legal triathlon.

This past weekend I kicked off 2012 the best way I knew how.... by combining my two favorite things into one weekend - Disney and running! I ran the Disney marathon relay with one of my best friends and had an absolute blast doing a "fun race" before the real races start in a couple of months. I look forward to all this year has in store for me and wish my supporters all the best as well!


Amanda Hahn said…
Oh my goodness, I have the same first and last name as you! One of my friends had me google my name and your blog came up. Couldn't resist saying hi, and to that you that your blog is awesome.
Amanda said…
Thanks! That's awesome! Amanda Hahn is obviously a cool name :)

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