New Beginnings

Where to begin? Since my last post, lots of changes have occurred in my life… new outlook, new home and most exciting – new last name! On January 12th, I married my best friend and became Amanda Hahn-Peters (you can call me Amanda HP!). In the months since the wedding, I’ve been settling into a new life here in southern California, a huge change from Boulder, Colorado.

Coming here has had much of the same feel to it as moving to Boulder did when I moved out there right after college. I’ve had to figure out where to train and more importantly, what times to go out and brave the traffic. Gone is my lifestyle of procrastinating and getting anywhere I needed to in 10 minutes in Boulder… out here in SoCal you better plan for an hour! However, it is easy to see why so many people want to live out here. The beaches and weather are absolutely wonderful (most of the time) and I’ve already enjoyed numerous bike rides along the gorgeous shoreline of the Pacific Coast Highway. In a couple of months I will be able to swim in the ocean, but for now (while the water temps are still freezing), a pool swim will do just fine.

This winter has also had a different feel to it as I took a longer break than usual from triathlon training both for family reasons and to enjoy my wedding and honeymoon in Maui. It occurred to me that I hadn’t been on vacation and not training in over 10 years(!) and I decided I owed it to myself to just relax for once. Since early February, I’ve been working to get my body re-acclimated to training and build my running volume and speed back up after my foot injury late last year.

As a way to both get a good training base in and check a race off my bucket list, I decided to sign up for the iconic Wildflower Long Course Triathlon on May 4th, which will be my 1/2 ironman and 2013 race debut. The race, held outside of Paso Robles, California, is unique in that the amount of support is second to none and it is widely considered the “Woodstock of triathlon.” Should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to the challenges the course will provide like the run (which is 60% trail and 40% road) and the steep climbs on the bike. I’m sure my husband, Tony, is looking forward to the challenge of being my manager/sherpa/mechanic/ emotional support for the weekend. Stay posted!


zerry ht said…
Really nice of you to post about your after-wedding life! I’m getting married next week at one of exotic New York wedding venues. Really excited about my wedding. Hope I will look good in my wedding outfit and everything will go as planned.

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