The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Throughout the week, I have been researching logistics for my race in New York City on Sunday morning. But one aspect of the race caught my attention right away- the start time. The pro women go off in the 2nd wave...3 minutes after the pro 5:53 AM (this is not a typo)! This is by far the earliest I've ever started a race. Because of the start time, I will set a 3AM alarm clock so that I have enough time to eat breakfast, digest it, do my pre-race warm ups, and make sure I have enough time to get from my hotel to transition and the swim start without rushing around.

This race is an olympic distance race, however, is unlike most of the other races I compete in. It is not an ITU (International Triathlon Union) race and therefore, is not draft legal. That being said, the race is more like a time trial of all three disciplines. Normally, in draft legal races I am able to work with a pack on the bike to conserve energy for the run, but on Sunday, I will be giving it my all on every discipline. I have two more days of training in Florida before I head out to NYC Friday morning. Positive thoughts and prayers are always appreciated!


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